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the internet generation

During the course of 2017 a few of us set out to revolutionise branding and marketing strategy by founding a firm that brings out the best out of companies. With our expertise in digital media through our exposure in managing channels we founded the internet generation. We wanted the customer to be exposed towards the best possible online presence their company deserves.


In this firm my role was in building pricing strategies, acquiring clients, envisioning the firm's branding division and motivating the team to work towards that timeline. 


In the first few months I was able to acquire enough clients to keep the engine running. We had great success in working with restaurants and boosting their businesses by 3 fold. We also helped few brands laun


Chennai, despite being so close to the equator, had not come close to harnessing the power of solar energy to create clean energy. Many villages were away from grids and were termed inefficient to have power delivered. During our classes we had learnt of various types of solar collectors and realised that we could create a low cost solution to aid in providing energy for a small household. When we visited a few villages we realised a pressing problem was that these families walked miles for firewood and the firewood upon burning caused harmful pollution that reduced their life expectancies. In addition women in these  families spent much of their time fetching  and maintaining their stock of firewood  to cook their daily meals. We realised that we could build a multi problem solution for these communities where the solar collector focuses the rays onto a tank that heats water to be converted into steam that could be used to power a simple steam turbine and the existing steam was used to aid steam cooking with the aid of a heat exchanger. We built and tested a prototype that showed successful results. The woman of the household had more time that could be used to do other work and pick up new skills that could contribute to the family.

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