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gogoDoc is an on-demand healthcare service that aims to be the Uber of healthcare. It also provides users with the option of getting prescriptions delivered to them post consultation. The product is currently live in Zones 1-5 in London, United Kingdom as of October 2018. The product has been growing exponentially in the market and is working with insurance companies to provide for a seamless experience.


As a product analyst, I worked with the engineering team in Sri Lanka in conjunction with the customer in the United Kingdom. I was responsible for curating user stories with the help of customer interviews and data mindset. With execution as key, I supported engineering to ensure that sprint velocity was at an optimum



One of our customers in the United Kingdom wanted to build an on-demand healthcare system. The vision was to pick up your phone when having an ailment and request for a doctor visit since a lot of time is wasted in waiting at clinics to meet a doctor followed by time wasted at pharmacies to collect medication. We worked towards building a product that could solve these issues. After many painstaking months of research, iterations back and forth the product went live in September of 2018 followed by the launch at TechCrunch Disrupt SF where we presented our project to investors and developers worldwide. Currently, the product is active from Zones 1-4 in London with resounding success clocking in daily consults and extremely happy users.  


This was a great challenge for me as it was my first experience working remotely. Attention to detail was key to my success in this role. In addition to that having the opportunity of representing the company at TechCrunch Disrupt was a great opportunity to network and engage with some of the brightest minds. 

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