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With the digitisation wave that transformed India in December of 2016, Haive was built to be a technological product that took advantage of it. The product transformed the complexity of digital point of sale terminals into an easy to use product that could be included in every nook and cranny in the city of Chennai. Merchants had the power to digitally create invoices, maintain stocks and procure stocks from stock lists. The vision was to create a product that could connect communities with one another to support themselves with the ease of digital transactions and allow anyone to start and build a business from the comfort of their homes so as to empower homemakers.    


In this project I was solely responsible for designing the user interface, managing teams to build the product, conducting market research to enhance the product and I also helped in building the preliminary business plans required to seek investment.



When demonetization occurred in 2016 December, I realized the difficulty of the cash locked market and saw many merchants suffer, as they did not have payment gateways. On trying to solve this solution I further realized that another pressing problem merchants face is in maintaining stocks on a daily basis, publishing invoices and retrieving customer data. All this caused the owners to spend long hours once a week to tally accounts and stocks.  On receiving seed investment we were able to secure a tech team and started to develop the product. We worked with many merchants in the first few months on a trial basis to get their feedback and build a strong product. We understood many of the merchants wanted something with huge icons, due to low literacy levels of employees and instead of using only text I opted for big icons so that it is easy to quickly comprehend. In the phase one of the system we built a point of sale that anyone could integrate into their system which allowed them to order from stock lists, sell to customers and also provide them with the ease of predictive ordering based on past sales data with their customers. Many of the users were extremely happy with the product and adapted the system in their process flow.  

The Growth Plan


We had built this product for a certain user but realized it would also help those selling items from home. This was the first time I was working with a tech product and had to arm myself with various processes that is required to build a tech product from building the technical document to designing screens to creating process flows and getting familiar with different types of technology that could be used in the front and back end. I realized how fast a learner I was in this process.

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